7th Grade Exploratory Offerings

Course Selection:

All ACPS secondary students will pick courses they believe they are ready to be challenged by. After students make those selections, teachers will either agree with the student's choice, or have a conversation with the family about a move up or down.  Those teacher recommendations will be made by current teachers in Winter each year. Teachers will make these comments based on a variety of data points, including:

  • SOL scores
  • MAP scores
  • Class grades
  • Work ethic
  • Classroom participation

Teacher comments for student selected courses will be available on ParentPortal under the CLASS REGISTRATION field. To view these, you can click on the pencil icon as some teachers include notes.

Certain classes may be pre-registered for students; this includes all core classes (except math), Homeroom, and Health and PE. Electives will be chosen during school. Students will fill out a Google Form wherein they rank their electives by importance. Please note: we do our best to ensure students get an exploratory they desire; however, there are many factors at play when building a child's schedule. Certain choices may not be offered at a time that a student is available, some courses may be full, and certain courses may drive a student's schedule. We cannot ever guarantee that students will get each of the exploratory they ranked most important. 

Once all courses have been finalized, we will mail home a letter confirming the students' selections for approval. You may always make changes after the final date by calling the Counseling Office and speaking to your child's counselor.

7th Grade Exploratory Descriptions: All exploratory classes will be half-block, 40 minute courses taken during the exploratory block.

Art 7 – In our art elective program, seventh-grade students use the elements of art and principles of design as the basis for a study of value and form. Creating realistic value with charcoal drawing, color study, building clay pieces using the coil method, and using a one-point perspective are examples of activities and projects. Seventh graders also study art movements in modern and contemporary art, relating the movements to changes in society, science, and technology.

AVID 7 – AVID is a nationally recognized program for students who have the desire to achieve in rigorous, college-preparatory courses., but may currently be underachieving. The course’s focus is on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading across disciplines. The AVID elective provides students with academic support and motivational, team-building activities. 

Band 7 - Students build on what is learned in the 6th-grade band. The focus moves from individuals learning instruments to large ensemble performance skills. Students will learn more advanced playing techniques. 

Chorus 7 – Students are instructed in vocal technique as well as note and rhythm recognition.  Classroom instruction focuses on posture, breathing technique, intonation, diction, dynamics, unison, harmony, and performance technique. Students are required to perform periodically as a group. We offer two versions of Chorus - one specific to only 7th-grade students, and one chorus which is a mixed-grade chorus for students in Algebra I. 

Drama 7 – Drama students develop a variety of improvisational and more formal acting skills. Students learn the fundamentals of stage design and presence while performing selected dramatic works as a troupe. Emphasis is placed on gaining comfort in a variety of performance styles while building confidence in public communication skills.

Engineering 7 - Students in this project-oriented class will explore the engineering design process through a series of problem-solving challenges.  Included in this course is a technology-based component during which students will use computer-aided design and advanced manufacturing tools. Students will maintain a digital portfolio to document and reflect upon the design process.  

French 7 -  This is an elective course in which we mimic as closely as possible the process by which children acquire their first language.  The children are immersed in a language-rich environment through the use of body language, visual aids, and abundant repetition in a variety of contexts.  The teacher uses mainly story-based activities to bring language to life.  Students will develop proficiency and be able to use French in real-world situations that are spontaneous and unrehearsed.  Through songs, web-based programs, and class activities, the students will hear French spoken in a variety of countries and be exposed to the diverse cultures of the Francophone world. This course will help students who choose to take French I in 8th grade and serves as an introduction to the language.

Media, Arts & Design 7 –  Students will be introduced to a variety of audio and video technologies.  They will design, create, and edit their own digital projects.  Making and using digital products ethically will also be addressed.

Orchestra 7 - Students will continue the study and performance of their string instrument and will perform a variety of music genres.  Instruction will include music competencies such as position and posture, intonation, tone, rhythm, and composition. 

Spanish 7 – In this course, we mimic as closely as possible the process by which children acquire their first language. Students will develop proficiency mainly through storytelling, and will also be exposed to the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  This course will help students who choose to take Spanish I in 8th grade and serves as an introduction to the language.