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Parent Portal:
  • Schoology
  • Parent Login for Schoology
  • Schoology FAQs
  • Helpful How-To Videos

    • This first video is a tour of what features Schoology offers, including access to the parent sign-in

    • Ms. Percival, an ACPS instructional coach, has made an additional quick video for how both students and families can access work reports on Schoology. This is an excellent way to learn more about checking to see your student's grades, what work has not been turned in, and what work has been turned, but has not yet been graded. This is a great way to learn more about keeping up with student work.

Other Helpful Items:
Technology Help:
Using Snap and Read to Support Learning:

​All students have access to Snap and Read on their student laptops.  If ​your student is having difficulty reading the content provided by teachers, please utilize this resource.   Click here for instructions on how to access this program.​

​Tips to Being a Successful Online Learner:
  • Check your teachers’ Schoology pages every day for updates.

  • Email your teachers directly if you have questions

  • Use technology tools to support your learning (ex: Snap and Read)

  • Set up a routine and quiet place to work​