Founding and Transformation

Located just outside the county's urban ring off 29 North in Charlottesville, Lakeside Middle School can be found in the Forest Lakes subdivision. The school enrolls nearly 600 students in grades six through eight and includes a staff of 74 members, 49 of whom are teachers. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of Albemarle Parks and Recreation sports, where they will be cheered on by their mascot, the Lakeside Shark, and have opportunities to explore the fine and performing arts with orchestra, choir and band, drama, visual arts, and other elective offerings such as coding and digital media. Lakeside also has an up-to-date media center where students can broadcast their own news announcements or get a head start in communications by joining the Broadcast Journalism class. The school offers the opportunity for students to accelerate their math classes and to earn high school credit in math and world languages.​​


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