News Items from Lakeside:

  • At long last, an update! We know you all are wondering. Student schedules will go live on Tuesday, August 16th around 4:00 PM and can be found on PowerSchool. Here is a video to help find your schedule. A few yearly notes...
    • For those new to the county, make sure you stop by the Main Office to pick up your PowerSchool/Parent Portal password. 
    • If you see a mistake on your schedule, please contact your child's counselor.
      • Ms. Lindsay - 6th grade
      • Ms. Wright - 7th grade
      • Mr. Guy - 8th grade
    • Please note, we try our best to get students into exploratories they requested, but sometimes they may not have received a class they wanted. This is due to classes being full or other conflicts within their request list. As we are still registering new students, we will ask to hold on for exploratory changes until every child has a full schedule and we know our class numbers. Thank you for your patience. 
    • We know students love to be in class with their friends. Alas, we cannot build schedules around their peer groups. Thankfully, Lakeside has multiple opportunities for students to interact with one another. 

Coming Soon here at Lakeside:

Wednesday, August 17th: 4:00 - 6:00 PM - LMS Open House! Come on out and meet your teachers! Please bring a copy of your schedule so you can start to find where your classrooms are. 

Wednesday, August 24th: Black Day - First day of school! We know Minecraft will miss you, but we have, too. We can't wait to get you all back! Lockers will be given out in Chomp/Homeroom.

Thursday, August 25th: Teal Day - Normal school day

Friday, August 26th: Black Day - Normal school day

Family Engagement Series

We have a new page located on the Counseling section of the website where we will post the information from the Family Engagement Series. Currently, we have the Understanding the Teenage Brain video and slide deck posted, as well as a feedback form for future sessions. 

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